11 Problems Only A Person Face Who Owns A Cat In Pakistan

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Cats are one of those loveliest pets that makes you fell in love with them by just watching them play. The way they play and show their love to you is the most lovely thing ever. You feel happy and enjoy even when they are around you because Its love to see their cute face. It looks easy to have them at home but actually, it’s just one side of a story.

We are going to share with you all those struggles that a Pakistani has if he/she has a cat at home.

1. Someone doesn’t like your cat in your family

Your Sis just get irritated of your cat or your brother starts sneezing because of your cat and calls “gandi billi”.

2.Your Dad or Mom won’t allow you to keep a cat at home

It’s a regular phrase when your mom won’t forget to tell you that it’s “Na-paak Janwar” so better keep it away from home and you’re just constrained to have a cat at home.

3. Many people will tell you if you hold her you’ll get infected

Even you get tired to tell everyone your cat is vaccinated but useless.

4. You get depressed when something happens with your cat

Unfortunately, If something happens to your cat keep the vet’s number always safe.

5. You have to find cat food for your kitty

It’s not easily available at every store of Pakistan but when you find one you stock up so your cat will be away from “chichrray” that your mom tells you to feed the cat.

6. Your kitty is nakhraybaz because she only eats her special cat food

“Barri nakhrili hy bei tumhari billi”.

7. You have to stay away from your friends who are dog owners because your cat doesn’t like dogs

Because your cat doesn’t like you to be around dogs so you stop meeting your friends who own a dog.

8. The toughest moment when you’ve to leave your cat alone at home

When your family has to go with you somewhere the biggest quest arose in mind “who’ll feed the cat”?

9. Finding cat’s hairs in everywhere in home can be a problematic thing

Your family all the times keep complaining you that they have cat’s hairs all over them which you know is not true.

10. Keeping your cat away from “Gandi Awaara Billian” becomes an all-time duty

Your home is an easy place where “gandi billian” can come anytime so you keep an eye on your cat whole time.

11. You care for her like a baby and fall in love with her even you feel you can’t survive without her

No doubt cats are moody but they win your heart.


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