Be Careful, The Terrifying Suicide Game “Blue Whale” Might Have Reached Pakistan

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Are you a crazy gamer? and love to keeps an eye on every popular and trendy game? then you definitely need to know the facts about this horrifying game. The news of suicidal game “blue whale” is gone viral on all over the internet and the reason behind this is extremely terrifying. The last number of teenagers have become its target. The game starts with few challenges that lead to death and at the end gamer commits suicide.

The beginning of the challenge game “Blue Whale” and what is it all about

The “Blue Whale” game is an internet game that’s claimed to exist in many countries.  The game consists of a series of tasks assigned to players by administrators during a 50-day period. At the end of the game, you’ll be asked for suicide.

In 2013, the former student of psychology from Russia named Philip Budeikin did claim to invent a game after that he was expelled from the university after admitting. He stated he invented this game to biologically clean the society by pushing to suicide who he thinks having no value.

The first incident of suicide through this game recorded in 2015. The number of suicide cases has reportedly increased.

Game structure

The game is based on relationships between the players and participants. They select the victims from many social media websites and communities. The only selected persons are sent to the “Blue Whale” game. It involves a series of challenges given by administrator that player must complete. The list of tasks includes waking up at 4:20 AM, climbing a crane, carving a specific name or symbol or phrase on the person’s own hand, self-mutilation, poking needle, standing on the bridge and roof, watching videos sent by admin, listening music and doing some secret tasks.

The blue whale game has spread everywhere in the world, under pressure people are going through stress and depression. People are committing suicide over a game.

The game has spread over countries like Italy, Argentina, Brazil, and recently in India. More than 150 people committed suicide due to this game and more than 20 administrators have been arrested for it. A large number of adults and teenagers have been targeted and committed suicide. The administrator of blue game chooses the people who are lonely, depressed and helpless.

Recently, FIA warned people to keep an eye on adults and teenagers who are getting attracted to the Blue Whale game

Apparently, there are not any cases reported against the suicide game but seeing the increasing number of suicide in India, the FIA Pakistan recently issued a warning to Pakistanis to counteracting such prevalent things.

How can you reach and help out to the people who might have taking interest and getting involve in this game

There is a large number of people who might have interest in a game and can be targeted by it easily. The admin use to trap those who are lonely, depressed and weak.

All you need to do is, be friendly with them instead of forcing them to not to play blue whale game. Create an easy and friendly environment so they could just discuss with you and listen to you with no hesitation.

Keep an eye on such people around who are regular social activists, be kind and helpful to them. The trapped people are those who feel lonely, depressed and helpless, get involved easily in such kind of things. They feel like no one care about them around. Show them you care about them and love them. By doing this you will save a life. Move ahead and Stay Safe!

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