Zayn Just Appreciated “Dill Diyaan Gallan” Tune and Pakistanis are Melting

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Zayn Malik, the international musical sensation and the son of a British Pakistani just appreciated our very own Atif Aslam’s hit “Dill Diyan Gallan” tune and it was heart melting.

Music is a universal language that is not contingent upon words. It connects through soul and grows through love beyond theological and geographical boundaries. That’s what we saw in this little sweet tweet of Zayn Malik.

Lately, he also sang some Bollywood songs such as “Teri Deewani” and caught the rapid attention of us Asians because we actually love this guy regardless of his ability to shamble the Urdu lyrics and at some point we own him.


At the twitter battleground, some chicks claimed that this little sweet compliment was just because of Salman Khan.

Well, well, I think “Tune” has nothing to do with the actors? Does it?

They just always like to take credit for everything.

Dill Diyaan Gallan is the Dream of Every Girl

We all know how “Dill Diyaan Gallan” has made us girls think about our non-existent soul mates waking us up to fancy breakfast on a vacation and treating us like queens.

Wake up girls; we are not in the middle of a Bollywood movie.

Coming back to point, Zayn has always been the center of attention since his X-Factor appearance and booming fame with One Direction. Even after that, each of his singles has created an aura of being different whether it’s Pillowtalk, Dusk till Dawn or Let Me.

I’d like to take this opportunity to tell Zayn that we too love all of his tunes and we love him as a person.

Dill Diyaaan Gallaaaan Karaaan gy Naaal Naaal Beh k, Akh Naal Akh nu Milaaa K

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